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Frequently Asked Questions


To which countries does SkyBags operate Door to Door services?

SkyBags provides Door to Door services to All EU Countries, Switzerland, United States of America, Canada & The Caribbean islands, Middle East, Far East, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

SkyBags is constantly expanding the list of international destinations it serves so if the destination you want is not listed, please call your nearest SkyBags Help Desk or send an email to


How do I book a shipment with SkyBags?

Simply go to the Booking page and fill out the required details. You will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received and are processing your order. When the details are finalised we will send a 'Confirmation of Booking' email. You will then be sent by post or email your outbound and inbound luggage travel documents (airwaybills). Please affix an Air Waybill to each piece of luggage ready for collection by one of our Preferred Integrator representatives


How do I arrange for an International Delivery?

To arrange for an international delivery please contact your closest SkyBags Help desk.

What are the size and weight limits for international deliveries:

Skybags may be able to take any size. If the package is more than 68 kilos / 150 lbs or if the length + (2 x Width) + (2 x Height) is greater than  325 cms / 130 inches, please call SkyBags Help Desk for a quote or email

SkyBags delivery prices are based both on size and actual weight of each item, whichever is the greater. Items listed in our equipment drop-down are standard sizes for specific sporting and luggage pieces; however we can accommodate items that are different of different dimensions and weight through custom quoting.


How do I know if my shipment is considered a Remote Area collection or delivery?

The following link will determine if your collection or delivery address is considered a Remote Area:



Can I lock my bag/travel case?

For international deliveries, cases must remain unlocked. Customs will need to inspect the contents of each case. You may use a zip or wire tie to keep the case closed until inspection. 


What is the transit time for SkyBags door-to-door shipments?

Our Standard service normally takes between 5-7 working days, depending on the destination and when we receive your bags.

Should you require an Express service, please contact and our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you. Our Express service ensures that your bags are shipped on the next available flight. Express transit times will depend on destination and when we receive your bags. The Express service has a premium surcharge which will depend upon the destination and will be confirmed to you by our Customer Service at the time of the booking.


How does SkyBags work?

Skybags will pick up your luggage and/or sports equipment at your home or office, and have it delivered to your hotel, resort or other destinations. With our simple online booking procedure, enter information about your required pick-up and delivery dates and locations, and SkyBags will arrange for everything to happen on schedule. SkyBags works with Fedex, UPS, DHL & LINEX to make sure your items arrive at destination on time. You will receive email & SMS notifications to keep you informed of  the delivery of your shipment.


What are Luggage tags and do I need them?

Luggage tags are large plastic tags that attach the airwaybill to your bag and/or case. SkyBags will request the carrier to bring them to the pick-up location. Please also be sure to have your own separate ID on each piece of luggage and/or sports equipment.


How much will it cost me?

The cost for sending your baggage is determined by the number of items you want to send and our system has been designed to calculate the charge.



We accept the following debit / credit cards – MasterCard, Visa, American Express and electronic transfers to our bank. We plan to add an online payment facility.



Can I pay "cash on delivery" (COD)?

We regret that we cannot accept COD shipments.


I am sending my luggage and sports equipment to a hotel or resort. Where do I specify the name of the hotel or resort?

Enter the name of the hotel or resort you are staying at in the name or Company Name field of the destination. Enter your name in the Contact Name field, preceded by the word “Guest”(i.e. Guest J Smith). Do not use commas, periods or other punctuation marks.


What type of travel cases so I need to have my sports gear or luggage delivered?

SkyBags  does not provide boxes or package your travel case or luggage any further than what you have provided. SkyBags  does not accept liability for wear and tear damage sustained to travel cases or luggage. The purpose of your travel case is to protect the contents. Minor damage, though rare, could occur during transit. If your suitcase is fragile, or if wear and tear is of particular concern, SkyBags  recommends you put your luggage in a box.



Is my equipment in a SkyBags  Approved Travel Case?

SkyBags  approves many different travel cases for transport. A complete list of approved travel cases for different types of equipment can be found under Terms & Conditions on the SkyBags  web site. Commonly used travel cases for which SkyBags  accepts liability damage and loss liability are listed below. If you have any questions about whether your travel case is acceptable, please check with our Help Desk.

  • ClubGlove soft sided & padded golf case
  • Sweetspot hard sided golf case
  • Sporttube hard sided ski/snowboard case
  • Santa Monica hard sided surfboard case


Does SkyBags  pack my luggage or sports equipment?

No but if you need advice please call our help desk who will be glad to assist you. SkyBags  does not provide boxes or package your travel case or luggage any further than what you provided. Therefore, luggage should be packed and ready for delivery on the day of the scheduled pick-up.


How should I prepare my packed bag(s) and travel cases) for pick-up?

Please ensure that you put your own identification tag on each bag and/or travel case. For added protection, also place identification inside each travel bag and/or travel case. Secure closed cases and bags with a TSA lock or plastic zip tie. If you are a using soft sided case or nylon travel bag, place some padding around your skis or similar items and be careful not to over stuff.



What if I am not going to be at home at the scheduled pick-up time?

Items can be picked up according to special instructions that you provide to SkyBags , including items to be left on a porch, or other accessible areas for pick-up. PLEASE NOTE SkyBags  CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR THE LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY ITEM LEFT UNATTENDED PRIOR TO PICK-UP.


Am I required to fill out a label?

No you are not required to fill out airwaybills. For EXPRESS deliveries a pre-printed airwaybill will automatically be sent to your profile address 24 hours in advance of the pick-up. SkyBags  can fax the airwaybills or email them to an alternative address. For pick-ups at a hotel or business, FLYING BAGGAGE will contact them the day of the pick-up.


Is a signature required for delivery?

For deliveries to businesses, a signature must be obtained or else your packages will not be delivered. For deliveries to residences it is possible to have the  your items delivered without a signature but it is ultimately the driver’s discretion whether to leave your items and as to the exact location where they will be left. SkyBags  does not accept loss liability for any items delivered without a  delivery signature. If no-one is at the delivery address at the time of delivery, the carrier will make three attempts and leave an attempted delivery notice.


Does SkyBags have offices at the destinations?

SkyBags has appointed authorised sales & handling agents in key markets. Please see the ever expanding list of office under the Contact Us button on our web site. As your shipments are sent using one of the major integrators DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, these companies will be responsible for the delivery to your door.


Does SkyBags deliver after hours?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer weekend delivery and collection.


Are there any discounts for students?

We are investigating the possibility of a special loyalty program for students. At present there is no discount on our prices.


Can SkyBags collect my baggage?

Yes, your baggage can be collected from any address nationwide. We can collect at specific times at an additional charge.


How many days in advance do I need to book?

A minimum of two working days prior to the date of collection however, we prefer to have five working days or more to allow preparation and emailing or postage of documents to you. If you have access to email and a printer, the necessary forms can be downloaded from our web site. For last minute and urgent shipments, please contact our Customer Service team. The contact numbers can be found on our web site.


Can I bring my goods into SkyBags ?

Our service is designed to collect from your home or office so there is no need to bring your luggage to us. We do have a drop off facility at our Johannesburg and Cape Town offices if required


Airfreight charges are sometimes based on volume and not on the actual weight. Why?

The worldwide standard for handling air cargo is based on the greater of actual weight and volumetric weight. An aircraft's cargo hold is restricted in the ability to handle weight and volume. This calculation is already built into our quote.


Do I need to tell you the weight of my shipment?

No, just tell us what type and how many items you want to send. Our system has been designed to calculate the charge for you.


Are there any extra or hidden costs at the destination?

Our To Door service includes all the costs. Some countries may charge for physical customs examination which will be for your account. Customs duties and taxes on dutiable items will also be for your account.


What duties and/ or taxes are payable, if any?

Duties vary widely according to origin and destination. If goods are owned for at least 6/12 months, they are normally duty free. Please bear in mind that we have no control over the actions of customs services anywhere in the world. It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country that you are sending your goods to (or from). You are responsible for paying all customs duties and taxes and destination, and these charges cannot be billed back to SkyBags  as they are included in your door-to-door quote.


Do I have to do my own packing or will SkyBags  do it for me?

SkyBags  does not handle the packaging of any item(s). SkyBags  recommends that you use a hard-sided or soft-sided padded travel case for your equipment. SkyBags  does not accept liability for damage that occurs in cases that are not SkyBags  approved. Although it is acceptable to use a soft-sided non-padded case or a cardboard box for transport of your equipment, SkyBags  will provide only loss insurance for equipment in this packaging. Travel cases are not required for luggage and duffle bags. SkyBags assumes that each customer has his or her own durable travel case for the pick-up and delivery of items.


What packaging can we use?

You are responsible for packaging items securely. Shipping breakable items is not recommended and is at your own risk of damage.

  • A name tag if required on all suitcases. Prepare your bags as if you were taking them to the airport with you, no loose items.  Because of the systems used by transportation companies, luggage/baggage may be scratched or nicked during the handling to final destination.
  • We accept any strong/good quality carton or case. Please remember that cartons should be at least of thick double wall strength. Hi-fi, stereo, computer, and electrical appliance cartons etc. are normally intended for domestic distribution and are usually unsuitable for export shipments. Such items should be repacked into suitable, double wall boxes or packing cases.
  • Cartons may be sealed by owners prior to dispatch. However, they may then be re-opened by customs or airlines with complete discretion. This is for security purposes only. All shipments sent by air are subject to security and/or x-ray examination, which may involve a hand search. A commercial invoice is required for customs purposes for international services.


What items are considered dangerous, hazardous and prohibited?

The following dangerous good, hazardous- and prohibited items are NOT allowed to be sent SkyBags :


  • Dry Ice 
  • Perfumes and Deoderised sparays
  • Chemicals
  • Firearms & Weaponry, and their parts
  • Explosive Flammable items (glue with thinner, lighter with or without gas, lacquer, nail polish, paint, wax, petroleum, perfumery products with flammable solvents, ink for printing, hair spray.
  • Dry Battery with lithium & potassium
  • Thermometer containing mercury
  • Compresses gases such as Butane, Propane, Aqualung cylinders, lighter fuels, matches or Refill Aerosols.
  • Food stuffs of any kind.


Can we seal the cartons?

Cartons may be sealed by owners prior to dispatch. However, they may then be reopened by customs or airlines with complete discretion. This is for security purposes only. All shipments sent by air are subject to security and/or x-ray examination, which may involve a hand search.



Can I send extra large items such as sports equipment?

Yes, you can ship such items as kayaks, canoes, surfboards, windsurfers etc.  Extra large items must be packed in a travel case specifically designed for that piece of equipment. Before contacting us for a quote, please ensure you  have details of weight, size (length, width and height including the packing) For prices and further details please contact us at


What is VAT?

In certain markets we must apply local sales tax, VAT (Value Added Tax) or GST (General Sales Tax). For example all shipments within the EU are subject to VAT.





How will I be contacted at destination?

You will be contacted by the customer service departments of one of the following companies: DHL, FEDEX, or UPS. This will depend on which company was chosen to handle your shipment.


How can I determine if my consignment has flown as booked?

SkyBags will provide an e-mail post-flight confirmation for every shipment. Alternatively, you can log-on to our website using your e-mail address, to check on the status of your shipment.


What are the prohibited commodities not acceptable by SkyBags ?

To view a list of the most common prohibited items and dangerous goods, please see below:

• Compressed gasses (Flammable, Non-flammable or Poisonous) such as Butane, Propane, Aqualung
• Cylinders, Lighter Fuels, Matches or Refill Aerosols.
• Perfumes & Deoderised sprays
• Flammable Liquids such as paints, thinners and adhesives.
• Flammable solids such as Matches and articles that are easily ignited.
• Oxidising substances such as bleaching powders and peroxides.
• Radio active material.
• Corrosive material such as Mercury, Acids and Wet Cell Batteries.
• Explosives such as Fireworks, Flares, Sparklers.
• Industrial products such as solvents containing chemicals which can cause Fumes and Corrosion.
• Foodstuffs of any kind


Is there a cancellation fee?

SkyBags will charge, Euro 75.00 or the equivalent in your local currency cancellation fee to cover administrative charges.



How are my personal details handled by SkyBags ?

Your personal details and details about your shipment are used only to enable us to pickup, transport and deliver your shipment. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.



Do you collect or deliver to or from cruise ships?

We unfortunately do not provide this service


What is an Airwaybill / Consignment note?

An airway bill and/or consignment note pertaining to your collection and delivery details is a unique numbered document used by carriers for shipping and tracking. This unique number should be used for tracking the progress of your shipments on our web site.



What’s stops me from shipping the luggage myself or contacting DHL, FEDEX, UPS LINEX?

To be very honest nothing, but it is important to consider the following. Companies such as DHL, FEDEX, and UPS are moving millions of packages a day, and their focus is the business to business market. Private individuals are not their core business so.  With SkyBags , it is quite the opposite. This is our only business and we take it very seriously. We realise that your luggage contains items that are personal and ones that you need to for your vacation or business trip. We also enjoy preferential rates because of the volume of shipments that we move, and we are therefore able to use these cost savings to make your shipment rates very competitive.





Does my baggage get X-rayed?

All luggage must be x-rayed for security purposes.





Who should I contact with questions about my delivery order?

To ensure the quickest response to any question or concern pertaining to your SkyBags  order, please contact SkyBags  directly. Calling a carrier directly such as Fedex, may hinder SkyBags  efforts to address your concern.



I am sending my baggage and sports equipment to a hotel or resort. Where do I specify the name of the hotel or resort?

Please enter the name of the hotel or resort that you are staying at in the Name or Company field of the destination. Enter your name in the Contact Name field, preceeded by the word “Guest” (i.e. Guest J. Smith). Do not use commas, periods or other punctuation marks as this will cause an error on the booking form.





How should I prepare my packed bag(s), travel case(s) for collection?

Always have your own identification on each bag / travel case. For added protection, also place identification inside each bag / travel case. Secure closed bag(s) / cases with a lock or plastic zip tie. If you are using a soft-sided case or nylon travel bag, place some padding around your skis or similar items, but be careful not to over-stuff the bags.




I work in a large company or in a large office building. How can I schedule a collection / pick-up at work?

Carriers typically make one pick-up/collection at large office buildings – often this is a mail room or central shipping and receiving centre. Find out where in your building your selected carrier makes a pick-up/collection. Then it is important to let the shipping clerk or appropriate person know about your prepaid, scheduled pick-up/collection, and make sure that your prepaid airway bill is attached to your luggage. If you have additional questions, please call SkyBags Customer Service





What happens if my delivery order is damaged?

Claims for lost or damaged items must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery day. You will be asked to keep all the original packaging and if you have a digital camera, it would be beneficial to take photos of the damaged item. Please direct any damage or lost claims to your closest SkyBags  office.





Who can I contact if I have any other questions not answered here?

You may contact our Customer Services by e-mail or phone if you have further questions. Click on Contact Us to view our contact details.



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